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Three Fall Recipes that Are So Simple No One Wants to Eat Them!

Is there a chill in the air? A crunch of dead leaves on the ground? A subtle shift in the wind that foretells evil will be unleashed upon the world? Must mean it's fall! And we stan for these simple fall recipes that no one wants to eat because they're boring and/or disgusting.

Pumpkin and Water Soup

We all love a good, warm soup during the fall. And this one is an exception. It is just pumpkin puree from a can mixed with water. Doesn't matter if you heat it up or serve it cold because nobody wants it.

Apple Bread that's Just an Apple Wrapped in White Bread

Why take the time blending a bunch of apple sauce, flour, sugar, baking powder, all that junk when you can save time and just wrap a whole apple in a piece of bread? So (not) tasty!

Raw Pork Roast with No Seasoning

This one gets bonus points for not just being simple but for being life-threatening. Just take the carcass out of its plastic bag and serve it lukewarm with no seasonings required and definitely no sides!


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