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Three Road Trip Games to Play on the Way to the Mental Institution

Remember when you were a kid hanging out in the back seat of the station wagon playing Eye Spy with your brother? Or looking for cars with different states' license plates? Those were fun times. Now you're on the way to the asylum after telling your family you suspect Sean Connery is stalking you (and even if he was alive, seriously?!). You have to pass the time somehow. Here are some fun road trip games to help you do just that.

Spot the Hallucination

Did you really just see a man flying a kite in the middle of the interstate or were you hallucinating? Ten points for every correct guess!

Twenty One Questions for Why You Are the Way You Are

A mini therapy sesh in the form of a fun game! Ask yourself, "Why do I think there are ants in my brain?" And "When did I start imagining I was a wolf in another life?" It's fun and also educational!

Row Row Row Your Boat Rounds with the Ghost in Your Head

Your friend is always with you, right? Well, time to pull her out of the nether reaches of your mind and sing a few rounds with her. Sure everyone else in the van will be creeped the fuck out that you're singing to yourself but to you, it's pure fun with a figment of your imagination!


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