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Tips for Sticking to Your Diet Even Though We Know You’re Going to Fail

Is it time to dust off your old food scale and start obsessively counting every calorie you eat? You betcha! Are you going to give up after two weeks and order 5 crunchwrap supremes at Taco Bell? Absolutely! Here’s some more tips that will kill your dieting confidence!

Skinny girls love celery. But not you. Go ahead, try and eat some. I’ll be waiting to say “told ya so” after you gag on your second stalk.

Get out there and burn that fat off! Healthy, fit people love working out. But do you, really? Sure you could wake up at 5 a.m. and hit the gym. Everyone there is going to be staring at you and silently judging you as you struggle on the elliptical. But have fun!

Remember to bring your water bottle everywhere you go. Or just leave it in the car like you always do. And now it’s hot because it’s been in the sun all day. But there is a soda machine over there and you are quite parched...

Good Luck! You’re definitely going to need it. Maybe a miracle too.


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