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Tired of Looking Sophisticated and Rich? Try Dressing like You're Broke as Shit.

Whether you are avoiding the FBI for killing 101 dalmatians or keeping muggers at bay when you're maxing out Daddy's credit card on Rodeo Drive, dressing like a rich person is not going to help.

Enter the Poverty Look®. No one will know you have money when you wear these duds. And for some reason it's totally on trend right now! Just be aware that you may end up confusing a poor person for a rich person which is never a good thing. Give 'em a few sniffs when they come near you first to detect their wealth.


Show how "poor" you are by wearing pants that look two sizes too small. You'll look like a poverty-stricken middle schooler in high water jeans and keep anyone from thinking you're rich.


The baggier and rattier the better. You'll lose all sex appeal and look like you rolled out of bed, but hey, that's how poor people look.


Don't wear any. Poor people can't afford them.


Nothing flashy here. Jewelry a child could make with cheap beads and strings. It's not going to be cute.

Check out our Poverty Look® clothing line!


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