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Top Reasons to Find Yourself in a War-Torn Country

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Pinterest

Whether you’re going through a breakup or trying to figure out where your place in the world is, a life-changing journey abroad to a country you couldn’t find on a map if you tried is the best way to find yourself. Bali? Boring. Vietnam? SEEN IT! Here are the top reasons to outdo your friends and Instagram followers by going on a getaway to a war-torn country:

Discover Untouched Beauty

While all of your friends are taking the same tired Instagram photos at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, your Insta post of the beautiful surroundings of your newly discovered destination will likely go viral and surely be the cause of over tourism to a country that can barely take care of its own citizens.

More Time With Locals

The upside of a country with no tourists? A true authentic experience! Get immersed in the culture by learning to cook a native dish from locals while getting interrupted by not one, but two drone attacks! You’ll have stories to last you a lifetime!

Contribute to the Local Economy

Visiting a country with an unstable financial market = money savings for you! While the local citizens are making pennies a day off of traditional handicrafts, you can purchase one of their wares and feel like you are really helping boost the local economy, when really they wish you would just tell your congressman to stop dropping bombs.


Want to go off the beaten path? Fill your wanderlust by getting lost in a small village, asking a local for directions, getting kidnapped, and slowly becoming the head of a lucrative cartel. YOLO!

Feeling inspired for your next destination? Take the plunge! Because if you’re not able to tag yourself in a freedom fighter’s video, was your vacation even all that authentic?


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