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Try a Spooky Haunted House for Your Next Self-Care Getaway!

Spas and resorts are a great way to relax and de-stress, but what if your life is already full of that? For most people, life is just a non-stop parade of delicious brunches, 5-6 hour stays at the local coffee shop, and fitting in your 2-hour hot stone massage with Olga. It’s all pretty luxurious and relaxing, so isn’t it time to mix it up a bit and make sure your adrenaline and fight or flight mode still works?

Maybe next weekend you can stay in a location known for scaring the shit out of people! Here are some benefits you can get from being absolutely terrified for 48 hours straight.

Being scared is a great workout.

What could be better cardio than running screaming from your bedroom after you see a dark shadow moving towards you in the mirror?!

You will be full of gratitude after this getaway.

You’ll be so grateful you can finally sleep in peace and not be woken up every 15 minutes by low moaning and nails scratching at your window.

A great diet!

Most likely all the food in the house will go rotten due to all the evil forces wafting around the house so you won’t even be able to eat the junk food you smuggled in!

A lot of self-actualization going on.

You’ll have so much time to find yourself after you get mysteriously locked in the attic for 6 hours...even though the door doesn’t have a lock on it.

You might have a parting gift too!

When you leave your haunted house, you might get possessed by one of the demons from within! What better way to keep you on your toes than to be in constant suffering?!


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