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Try Our Adult Coloring Books to Get Thru Spending New Year's Eve Desperately Alone

Yeah, sure, we'd all like to be out wearing flapper dresses at the club like we did last year (it's the '20s again, lol!) but we can't. So just sit your ass down, grab some crayons and color in the lines of your favorite adult coloring books. Here are just a few of the adult coloring books The Glowt is offering to keep you from doing yourself in when the clock strikes midnight:

1. Your favorite Instagram influencers of the past year!

Sure, they're vapid and they all look alike. But spending hours on end coloring in their perfectly contoured faces will help you to see your makeup routine could use some work at the very least. New Year's Resolution #1?

2. Yoga poses!

They're all here: Downward Dog, Warrior Pose, Couch Potato, Rotten Bitch and of course, everyone's favorite, Crying Yourself to Sleep at Night. Coloring these babies in will help you see that you need some help on your posture. Wow, another New Year's Resolution!

3. Celebrity Murderers!

We've got Ted Kennedy, Brandy, Caitlyn Jenner, Oscar Pistorius, Robert Blake, Phil Spector, OJ Simpson and Robert Wagner (though some have not been charged, we have our intense suspicions)! Have fun coloring and deciding which famous killer is your #favoritemurderer!

4. Drugs!

Though you won't get to take a bump in that disgusting downtown bathroom on the 31st, you can at least think about doing cocaine while coloring in that beautiful dust! Pictures include tabs of LSD, bath salts, heroin, meth and your favorite prescription opiates! (And if you're looking for a good time at home, the secret password is "Satan Lives." Just ask Baeli!)


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