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Van Lifer Experiences Wanderlust, No Money

As more job positions have been shifting from in-office to remote, digital nomads are untethering themselves from their homes and hitting the open road in decked-out vans/campers. We interviewed one of these new-age Jack Kerouacs right outside of The Glowt offices to see why they chose the Van Life and if they could please move their van as it’s blocking our crystal deliveries.

What made you decide to join the #VanLife Trend that’s been so popular on social media?

Well, when the pandemic hit, I lost my job and eventually wasn’t able to afford my rent. Even though there are protections in place for that, my landlord said he could do whatever he wanted and threw me out.

Wow, that sounds amazing! Can you tell me about your home sweet home on wheels?

It’s a minivan I found on Craigslist for $50. The Kelley Blue Book stated its heater no longer functioned and that the windows couldn’t roll down.

What’s your favorite thing about living on the road? Also we gotta hurry, the tow truck is coming.

I guess that it’s better than living in a cardboard box on the street. Can’t you call them off? I promise I’ll move my van tomorrow!

Nope, sorry! Are you planning any cool conversions for your van? Like a movie screen or a shower?

I’m hoping to find some blankets to cover the windows so people can stop peering into my windows at night. I’m also hoping to get the heater working so I don’t have to wear every piece of clothing I own at night. I’m wearing ten pairs of underwear right now!

Layering is always best when traveling! Where’s the best place you’ve visited in your travels?

One time I parked in front of a McDonald’s. I was living the life eating $1 burgers and was able to wash my hair in their sink.

What’s your next adventure? The tow truck’s here. Hurry up!

To the other side of the street!


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