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Venting? Here, Let Me Give You Some Advice You Didn’t Ask For

I feel so special and privileged when my girlfriend comes to me after she’s had a rotten day at work. It’s so wonderful how she can vent to me, but also listen to my very important wisdom.

After all, she is kinda dumb and seems to keep making the same mistakes over and over. That’s probably why she has such a stressful work life. And where would she be if she didn’t have me to keep reminding her of how she could really do better at her job, or maybe just how she could be a little nicer so her boss wouldn’t yell at her all the time.

And anyways, why even vent about your stressful day if you don’t want an hour-long lecture on what you could’ve done better? I really should be charging for this advice…she’s so lucky she gets it for free.


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