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Ways to Avoid Eye Contact with Homeless People and Not Look Like the Huge Bitch You Are

It's just the worst when you're strolling along Rodeo Drive and out of the corner of your eye you spot a figure hunched over, sitting on the sidewalk. You start to shake, worried that he might actually try to speak to you and ask for money. Sure, you have thousands of dollars in cash you can spare but getting anywhere close to him frightens you to an unbelievable degree. Here's how you can avoid looking into the eyes of someone who truly could use your help without it seeming like you are the horrible person that you truly are.

Act like you're on the phone having a very intense argument with someone. Scream about missed deadlines, flight delays, canceled appointments, things like that. Look so enraged that no one would want to get close to you, let alone this person who should never be treated as if they're less than human.

Pretend you're blind. Always have on hand a walking cane and sunglasses just in case you come across a homeless person on the street. Be sure to tap the sidewalk with the cane as you walk past the human being who, like all of us, deserves to be treated with dignity.

Fake a heart attack. This one requires some dedication but it's worth it just so you don't have to stare into the soul of a fellow human being in need. As soon as you hear him jingling his money cup, clutch your heart and stumble away. Just get out of there fast enough before he offers to help you, of course. That will make you look even worse to fake a heart attack just to avoid looking at a person who was granted all the same human rights as you at birth.


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