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Ways to Get Over Your Shitty Ex That Don't Include Starting a New Hobby or Exercising

Did he do you dirty? We've all been there (except Baeli; no man has ever mistreated her). It's time to move on, sis. But before you start making candles or learning to crochet or some shit, consider these ways to get over your asshole ex:

  • Burn down his house. What's wrong with that? His place smells and he can't clean it. You're doing him a favor and saying goodbye to all those fucking memories.

  • Slash his tires. He doesn't need that car, and you need to release the rage you feel to get over him.

  • Sleep with his dad. He always eyed you up at family functions, and now it's your turn to disappoint that terrible ex of yours.

  • Kill his grandma. She's on her last leg anyway and he doesn't need any more of Gram's cookies.

  • Check yourself into a mental institution. This will ensure you don't do any of the above things, and also maybe you'll get a few sessions of electroshock therapy out of it!


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