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Wellness Blogger Announces “Big Things Are Coming!" for Three Years Now

Geighna Black runs a super popular wellness blog titled “Stay Fit With Geighna!” It’s got everything you could need to make you feel insecure about yourself; cardio workouts that are “just a quick 95 minutes out of your day” and recipes “to help you suppress cravings for anything with 200 calories or more.”

She really has a flair for breaking her followers down and then just keeping them there. I’ve already lost 22 pounds using Geighna’s tactics! I sent her a direct message through the site to let her know the good news and she simply replied with “that’s not good enough.” So now I’m on track to lose another 35.

Geighna is always coming up with the newest and most exciting tips a healthy, underweight girl needs…she’s even been saying “Big news is coming!” since 2018 now…I hope it comes out soon! The subscription fees keep going up.

If you’re interested in checking Geighna’s website out and subscribing for only $95.99/week, click here.


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