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Wellness Blogger Prays No One Reads Past Headline and Finds Out They’re Actually A Terrible Writer

Julie Owens, fitness enthusiast and self-proclaimed wellness guru, has a cute little workout blog titled “Sweatin’ with Julie.” That’s about where the cuteness ends. Once you click on the site and start to scroll down, you'll soon start to realize it seems as if the blog was written by a five-year-old that is not familiar with the concept of the flow of a sentence, using correct spelling and punctuation, or the normal order of a numbered list.

Here is an excerpt of a workout on Julie’s page:

<Ready too workout with Julie? Lets goe!>

  1. put in a cute top and pants.

*8* maybe water then

aa. lay down the towels

320-- jump hacks. Yes!

It took an entire team of interns to decipher what this meant. When we reached out to Julie for comment, she sent us a gift certificate to use for her website, even though from what we see, the site is entirely free.

If you’re interested in checking out Julie’s blog, click here.


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