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What We're Thankful for This Year

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

"Mickey Rourke’s yacht, my extra millions buried in a Somalian cave, my secret bunker...
Oh, I thought you were asking about my fallback assets."

-Diedre (Founder of The Glowt)

My girls Baylee and Baleigh (love you!!!), my thousands of followers, elephant tusk bone broth, and me!!!! Oh and I guess my mom too.

-Baeli, Contributing Writer

I am grateful for the 3 weeks I’ve had at this unpaid internship. It probably won’t help me get an entry-level job that requires 5 years of work experience, but at least we sometimes get free soy bars!

-Intern #44

Diedre es el diablo.

-Juanita the Cleaning Lady


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