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Why Being a Stay-at-Home Mom Makes Me Better than You

You might say to yourself sometimes, gee whiz, I wish I could just stay home today and not be obligated to go to work. Well, luckily, I never have to say that! Getting married at 22 and having my first son at 23 was just so right for me. Especially the part of not having to work for a living.

And my days are so full! I wake up around 10, have a 90-minute yoga session, water my orchids, and then focus on my watercolors all afternoon. By the time the kids are home from school and doing homework with their nanny, I’m exhausted! That’s why I tend to be in bed by 8:45ish so I can get my solid 12-13 hours a night. My schedule is so busy, I don’t know how people even have time to fit in a daily commute, a job for 8 hours!, and then fixing meals during all of that. I can’t even imagine!

To me, a life with a career is just really sad, unlike the sole purpose of being a wife and’s really the best calling!


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