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Why This Isn’t a Multi-Level Marketing Scheme

Your Career, Your Rules (Your Money, Please)

As a Glowtista, you are not only selling well-crafted products, you get to be your own boss! In an unstable economy and a job market that is notoriously unfair to women, what other options do you have but to put all of your life savings into buying a huge inventory of colon cleansing teas, essential oils for head wounds, and hatchable vaginal eggs?

Well-Crafted Products (All Lawsuits Settled)

Here at The Glowt offices, we strive for quality. Each of our specially made products is tested and prepped before shipment. While we, unfortunately, had a faulty batch of singing animatronic fish (now with healing crystals!) that started a select few house fires, we have grown from that and made sure to include a fire extinguisher in all packages going forward.

Complete Transparency (Stop Asking Questions!)

After you submit your first payment for your inventory, you may find that the representative that signed you up initially is unavailable when you need them most. Don’t fret! It’s natural to feel a bit intimidated and have many questions: How do I sell these products? Where are these teas sourced? How do I get this egg out of my vagina?

Call our hotline with a pre-recorded menu of FAQs and hopefully, this will solve your problem!

Unsettling Feeling (You Got This!)

When one of the girls that bullied you in high school randomly hits you up on Facebook to meet for coffee, don’t be surprised if she’s a Glowtista! That feeling where you want to run out of the cafe as fast as you can? IGNORE IT! Think of all of your student debt you have to pay and seize the day!


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