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Woman Forced to Promote Best Friend’s New Dumb Thing They’re into Now

What are friends for? Apparently they’re for promoting what their friends’ new interests, hobbies, or life choices are this month. After a week straight of posting their girlfriends’ new fitness blog, their coworkers’ new corgi fan club page, and their cousins’ new horse fiction e-book release, Melany Mitchell realized she hadn’t posted anything personal.

“I had all these great hiking photos from the weekend that just sat on my camera roll, collecting dust,” Mitchell remarked. “Now they’re over a week old and completely useless. Obviously I can’t post something I did a week ago, what’s the point in that?”

Mitchell wants to support what her friends and loved ones are doing, but enough is enough, she says. “I’m just saying that they owe me. Whenever one of their shitty ideas actually becomes lucrative, they’re taking me to Tahiti.”


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