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Woman Forgets Which Personal Details She Gave to 4,587th Guy She Met on Dating App

Was it the story about my semester in Spain? Or maybe I told this one about my allergy to sand. I can’t keep them straight!

Last night I met up with this guy I met on Tinder. It was totally normal, met for drinks to see how it goes and then get dinner after if things went well. Well, he left halfway through our second drink! Is it really my fault if I can’t keep all the details we talked about beforehand straight?

Sure, I didn’t know what his name was...and I forgot what time we were meeting...and the name of the place, but really I put in a lot of effort! I can’t help it that I’m talking to 28 other guys; a girl’s gotta have options! How am I supposed to meet my one true love if I don’t talk to every single person in the tri-state area first?

These guys really need to get over the fact that I may not really know what we talked about before or even remember what they look like...obviously I’m a busy woman and can’t do everything!

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