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Yeast Infection? Period Cramps? The Cure? Semen!

Being a woman is definitely tough. Our female anatomy plagues us at every turn. Cramping and bloating during monthly periods, racked with UTIs and yeast infections almost all the time. We search and search for a way to limit the pain and discomfort of being a woman but nothing really seems to help. Until now.

Scientists from over one university have discovered a way to cure all these female-related issues. Dr. Becker from the University of Male Superiority suggests that allowing men to ejaculate inside you in any orifice will allow their superior bacteria and genetic material work its way through your lady bits and make them shinier, cleaner and healthier.

He points to a study where his wife was receiving his ejaculate five times a day. The woman's health, including her mental wellbeing, improved greatly because of it. He also referred to a study another man had in his neighborhood where this also happened with his wife (and several mistresses).

Becker, a professor of Male Chauvinist Studies, began collecting men's semen from only the least "rape-y" fraternities in the country. The semen is pure, he says, and will help women who are too "goddamn ugly" to find a mate who can ejaculate inside them.

The semen is available for purchase through The Glowt website and on Dr. Becker's website. We have not tested this product at all, but we get rammed several times a day now and though our vaginas are sore, we don't notice the yeast infections anymore.

Buy your bottle of Semen So Good today!


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