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Cute Tops That Aren’t Gonna Cut It if You Wear Anything Bigger Than a B Cup

Here at The Glowt, we love to pat ourselves on the back when we throw in a photo here and there of someone with curves on our website. But that doesn’t mean we have to actually feature fashion that would actually fit/look good on those body types! So without further ado, here are some really cute tops that will only work for some of you.

This top would be PERFECT to wear for an interview, but it’s a button-up so your boobs are probably gonna look like they’re trying to smuggle their way out. Good luck with being taken seriously in the workplace!

Want to show some skin? This top is sure to make a lasting impression, but oh wait it has a completely open back. I mean you could not wear a bra, but you’re gonna risk some serious back pain, let me tell ya.

How about this strapless little number? It’d be so cute if you didn’t have to wear a strapless bra with it and tug at it every 5 seconds to keep the ladies up. Enjoy the constant disapproving looks from women and unwanted ogling from men! I mean, it’s your fault you have boobs, right?


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