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Life-Changing: I Wore a Bucket Hat and Everyone Thought I Was Someone Worth Knowing!

It really was that easy. I stole my little sister's bucket hat that she got at the flea market and went to brunch. People started asking for my autograph, even though they didn't know my name.

"You must be famous!" They said. "Aren't you on Instagram?"

Before I knew it, I had a swarm of "fans" following me around, taking my picture. It was like the paparazzi with Bella Hadid. I felt like a million bucks.

After five minutes of walking, I took the hat off. Everyone took a collective groan.

"Ah, she's just some nobody. She looked like what's-her-face with the hat on."

My seven seconds of fame at the Cafe on 8th Street was over. But I'll never forget the magical moment I fooled people into thinking I was a person they wanted to talk to and be around.


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