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Become CEO of A Successful Company By Having A Dad Who Was the Previous CEO

I'm tired of this generation. All they do is bitch and complain about how they don't have this and don't have that. Have they even tried to be in a rich family? Of course they haven't.

I did just that. I was born into a rich family. Before I was conceived, I knew I wanted to be rich. I knew I had the leadership skills to take over a business that was given to me in the womb. And so I put that out into the world and guess what? I achieved my dreams.

When I murdered my father, who was the previous CEO, I was ready to take on the job. I fired all the people who got on my nerves and started making products I knew were going to sell like hotcakes: beepers.

And then I started doing infomercials on a new line of paper dolls. I brought in child actors and they all went away screaming because they thought I was too intense, too frightening. I just cackled and cursed them to hell.

When the feds uncovered the mystery of my father's death, I went into overdrive. Literally. I drove my car off a cliff. But miraculously survived. At least I think I did. No one talks to me anymore and I can't grasp things or eat.

My underling now runs the company while I vacation alone on this cliff. It's so cold here. I wonder when it'll be my time to head towards the light of the company building where I once reigned supreme. I was the star of the show. I was what everyone wanted to be.

Like the phoenix I shall rise from the ashes and turn my company around. I was thinking about getting into the newspaper business.


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