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Forgiving My Boyfriend for Voting for Trump... and also for Sleeping with My Mom

We walked out of the voting booth and I gave him a grin. "We're gonna make a huge change this year! It's time for us to reclaim the soul of America!"

He turned to me with a solemn look in his eye. "I voted for Trump."

The world started spinning around me. Distressed, I looked over at the elderly poll worker. She looked back at me, confused, and continued eating her sandwich.

I ran out of the building. He ran behind me.

"How could you?" I said. "Trump is the antithesis of everything my group of brunch friends stands for!"

"It's not like I like him. He's horrible. I just don't want poor people to ever get anything, ever, never."

And then I understood. It's not that he approved of Trump. He just hates poor people. I smacked my forehead. I was being such a dummy.

Sure, I found Tyler in bed with my mother the night before, and I was wrecked. How could he do something so awful? Especially with my mother, who is not nearly as attractive as me and doesn't even go to the gym.

But it said in my daily Glowt horoscope that I should forgive. So before you go and judge your loved ones for voting for Trump or cheating on you with your own mother, check your own prejudices against cheaters, elitists and bigots. You may learn something in the process.


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