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How I Left My Loveless Marriage and Met the Money of My Dreams

It was more than I could take. I found Patrick listening to another woman's podcast and I had had it up to here. How could he betray me like that? His ears were for my voice only and I felt so disrespected. I had had enough. I went out that door and never looked back…well, I had to go back to get my daughter whom I had forgotten about.

But once I got her, I was on the road to misery. A 28-year-old woman with a daughter and only one nose job? Sayonara, romance. I couldn't imagine any man would find me fuckable.

And then I met Henry. My heart skipped a beat when I saw his Lamborghini pulling up to the curb. His shiny bald head didn't distract me from what was really important. You see, a lot of people go looking for men who have the best bodies, the best looks, the best gaslighting skills. That first night I went out with Henry and he bought me $300 worth of drinks and lobster tail, I knew I had everything I'd ever need.

And so did my daughter. She loved Henry right off the bat. He showed up to the house and gave her $500 cash. Their bond was unbreakable.

And now I'm finally happy. I can honestly say that Henry and his trust fund will make me extremely happy for the rest of my life, especially when Henry is no longer in it. Wow! Dreams can come true.


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