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Healthy Recipes That Ask for Ingredients Not Accessible to You Peasants

Creamy Breakfast Fonio Porridge (Newly Discovered Magic Grain!)

We’re so over quinoa. Time to colonize another grain! Used in many West African dishes, fonio is a gluten-free grain packed full of iron, protein and fiber that we’re mixing in everything. Can’t find it at your Podunk town’s grocery store? Guess you can settle for the stale oatmeal in your cupboard.

Spaghetti and Meatballs (Made with Kelp Noodles!)

If you want to be gluten-free that means you need to commit to paying exorbitant prices for ingredients that probably won’t taste as good as the original. Maybe you can find kelp noodles at the Whole Foods 2 hours away?

Homemade Pozole (Bet You Can’t Find Lotus Root!)

No offense to your tía, but pozole was really missing something. And by something we mean a vegetable that has no business being in an authentic Mexican recipe! Don’t forget to add raw walnuts in too for added crunchy protein! Mmm! Muy bueno!


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