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I Dated A Man Under Six Feet Tall, And Lived To Tell The Tale

It’s hard enough out there to find the right guy without having to deal with the fact that even if he’s my soulmate, if he’s under six feet then no thank you!

Being 5’2” myself, I need that extra 10-15 inches above me to really make me feel good about who I’m dating. If people on the street see us walking side-by-side and wonder how we have sex, I see that as an absolute win.

I started seeing this guy who said he was 6’2”. A little on the short side for me, but I could make do since it had been a pretty dry season lately. Going out just a few times with him we both realized we had so much in common, and this was going somewhere. I really started falling for the guy.

Until that fateful Saturday afternoon. We were on our way to my friend’s dog’s christening and stopped at a convenience shop to grab some snacks. I was still waiting in line when he ran back out to the car to get his wallet and I saw it; the store had one of those height check things by the door for criminals, and boy was this criminal. His head didn’t even reach the 6’ line. I started to feel queasy and realized I didn’t feel like getting snacks anymore. I went back to the car and waited for him to finish up in the store.

We drove to the party in silence. Once we were there and had made our rounds, I made an excuse that I needed to get something from the car because I knew his wallet was in there...lo and behold, I pulled out his driver’s license and what did it say? The son of a bitch was 5’10”!! The queasy feeling overtook me again and I actually vomited. How could I have made such a careless mistake and been with a guy under six feet tall?

I called an Uber and got out of there as fast as I could. It’s been a few weeks and I’m doing OK now, but let this be a lesson to you ladies: ask for ID on the first date! Make sure he’s not hiding an extremely important relationship staple...of not being six feet tall!


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