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Makeup Tips for When You’re Being Filmed Berating the Sales Clerk

It’s so important to put people in their place, and remind them how to do their job. Is it my fault that I’m just a full-time mom trying to get this expired coupon to work in between picking my kids up from school and attending my cold Yoga class? (So much better than hot Yoga because there’s central air involved!)

Just because some liberal snowflake decides to start filming you while you’re letting the cashier at Jimmy John’s know that the sandwich she gave you isn’t gluten free and she needs to pay for such an atrocity doesn’t mean you have to look like crap!

Here’s a few tips to keep you looking your best when you’re trying to make someone feel like less of a human:

Waterproof mascara. You may start crying because of the injustice that is done to you. Make sure you’re not caught on camera with eyes that are melting.

Make sure you contour. Since this video is going to be sent to basically everyone on social media, you may attract the eyes of someone famous that shares your ideologies. Try to contour just like Kylie does it.


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