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Three Fun Games for Your Awful Brat's Sixth Birthday Party that No One Wants to Attend

Has it really been six years already? It feels like a lifetime to everyone else. Your annoying and entitled six-year-old has brought countless children to tears and endless amounts of misery to all the adults in your life. And now you're having a birthday party for her? ...Great.

Lock Her in the Basement

Grab her by the shoulders, duct tape her arms together and throw her down into the dark depths of the basement where no one will be able to hear her screams. Now everyone can actually have fun!

No Talking for the Rest of the Party

Tempt your terrible child with promises of a pony if she just shut the hell up for the rest of the party. No sounds can escape her mouth or you'll shoot the pony. The best part of this game is at the end when there is no fulfillment of your promise of a pony and she cries herself to sleep!

Roast the Birthday Girl

Invite all the neighbor children your daughter has terrorized and let her have it! And don't stop there. We're sure all her aunts, uncles and grandparents have some real zingers to bring her to tears.


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