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Ask Baeli: Is my boyfriend gaslighting me...or is it just gas?

Dear God Help Me Baeli!

Lately after dinner my boyfriend seems to always have something to say about the way I cook…comments like “No one makes chicken like that, you should really follow the recipe next time,” or “That sauce doesn’t usually have that much spice whenever I’ve had it before.” These comments make me feel pretty bad, but I’ve started to notice whenever he feels the need to express these feelings, he also feels the need to express his butt feelings too, spraying a foul cloud of toxic odors across the room.

My friends tell me he’s gaslighting me and to leave him, but maybe he’s just having major stomach issues? Help!


Trapped in Gasadise

Dear Trapped in Gasadise,

This one is a tough call. Your friends are probably right about leaving him, but not about the comments. You probably are a terrible cook and should just get takeout from now on. The whole gas situation is really gross and he needs to go because of that. To help with the smell, try ordering Glowt Within™ Essential Oils. And then dump his stinky ass. But yeah he’s probably gaslighting you too.




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