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Five Ways to Ask Your Father for Money Through a Text that Aren't Just "Giv Me Now Pls"

Because shouldn't he know by now that's all you text him for?

1. Remind him of your future plans: “I’ll be able to pay you back once my edible bath beads company takes off.”

2. Let him know you’re doing good deeds: “This is going towards my friend’s donation page to get lipo. She’s like, really fat.”

3. Tell him you’re willing to make a compromise: “If you give me some extra spending money for Spring Break in Cabo, I’ll come to your birthday dinner...for like, the appetizer, and then I gotta bounce.”

4. Reason with him: “You were young once just like me Dad, don’t you want to spend your hard-earned cash on my hopes and dreams, like my goal of owning a Benz before I’m 19?”

5. Straight-up guilt trip him: “You're ruining my life if you don’t buy me that one-bedroom condo with the private infinity plunge pool. I might as well live in the guest house with the maid.”

It’s that easy!


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