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Four Beauty Products We Love that Cost More than Your Rent

At The Glowt, we love to show you products you wish you could have but definitely will never afford. We know you appreciate us letting you take a peek at a life you can't have. Enjoy browsing these five incredibly expensive beauty products that would definitely make you homeless if you bought them.

Crystal-Infused Glycolic Acid Serum - $975

A serum that will make you feel very wealthy and erase any sense of empathy for those less fortunate. It's made with only the finest crystals from the poorest countries.

Lip Plumping Lipsticks with Hint of Virgin Blood - $689

These lipsticks will make your lips look and feel younger than ever. We slaughtered only the purest of virgins to prepare these shades for the richest of people.

Eye Cream Made with Water from the Fountain of Youth - $1,399

Oh, you didn't know there is actually a fountain of youth? It's actually in Oprah's backyard. Because Diedre is such good friends with Oprah, she let us collect some water to create these amazing eye creams you wish you had.

Foundation Blessed by Satan Himself - Your Soul

Satan decided he would help us craft an amazing foundation that changes your ugly face to an incredibly beautiful one. He only asks that you sign your soul away to him, and we think that's more than worth it. Hey, maybe this is something you can afford!


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