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How I Learned About Portion Control After Watching This Obese Squirrel At The Park

Sitting in the park one day about to chow down on my double-beef burrito with extra queso, I noticed a group of squirrels a couple yards away. Most of the squirrels were running around and being active, or munching on an acorn. There was one squirrel however, that seemed to stand out from the rest. And by stand out, I mean he actually “stood out” because he was so freaking fat.

As I watched this squirrel eat the remnants of a bag of left-behind cheetos, I thought to myself, ‘If I don’t stop eating so much, I’m going to end up like that squirrel.’ I knew I had to make a change...but not right now, I don’t want this burrito to go to waste, it was pretty expensive with all the add-ons. And it is the middle of the week, seems kinda odd to start eating healthier now.

So by Monday, I had managed to make a plan and even portioned out meals for the whole week. I decided if I wanted to be fit and trim like those squirrels, I would eat what they eat. My breakfast, lunch, and dinner consists of just a bunch of acorns, so meal prep has been super easy. I’ve broken a few teeth and I’m always starving, but I’m on my way to a healthier and slimmer me!


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