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How to Choose the Most Obscure Conversation Topics to Make Your Friends Feel Like Idiots

You know your friends are morons and inferior to your intellect, but do they know? Here’s how you can let them know their mind is worthless and you are obviously the superior being:

  1. Only get your news from Leonardo DiCaprio’s Instagram he’s probably the only person that’s actually better than you, but no one needs to know that.

  2. Only serve your guests mushrooms that you found in the woods. You guys might have your seitan and plant-based cupcakes, but my food is much more obscure.

  3. Have ready-to-go travel stories from places that don’t sound great at all. Oh, you went to Miami for spring break? That’s cool, but I went to Hanford, CA. Yeah, no one goes there, it’s pretty exclusive for world travelers like me.

  4. And the music that no one has ever heard. Oh this? Yeah it’s the Red Doors, this band from Greenland. No big deal, but I dated 3/4s of the band.

Your superiority now stands out like a shining beacon amidst a sea of ignoramuses. Great job!


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