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I’m Healthier (And Better) Than Anyone I Know!

Ever since I started my keto paleo vegan nut diet, I’ve become the epitome of the word healthy. And I just want to share with everyone, especially my sister Tina, that I am in the best shape of my life, eating a staggering 600 calories a day and sleeping in 16-hour cycles, it’s just what works for me!

Whenever I get a crazy craving for something like cheese fries or a whole apple, I just think of my sister Tina, and how terribly unhealthy she has become...she works EIGHT hours a day, eats three square meals, and only works out for 30 minutes a day...she basically has one foot in the grave.

I love telling Tina how much healthier I am than her because I know that one day it’s going to get through her thick, fat skull and she’ll start to adapt to my life choices.

And to all of you, check out my blog to help inspire you to become healthier (and better) than anyone you know!


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