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“I’m Not Going To Sleep,” Says Girl About To Go To Sleep

It’s 2:46AM and she’s listing ten degrees to port. “I’m fiiine,” she says “I just need to put my feet up.”

The other seven people at the party are all in resolute agreement that this will not end well for her attempts to stay conscious. Coffee at this point can do nothing but make the inevitable dreamstate more interesting. The only thing that can save her now is glucose. “Where the hell can I get a pizza?” she mutters from the half of her mouth not buried in a couch pillow.

Alas, there is no pizza to be found as it is now 2:48AM and no souls remain on duty at the local pizza establishments. They have all gone to sleep, as our now shoe-less lass is about to be.

“Ugh, do we have any bread?” asks the rapidly diminishing girl, unaware that the house party ran out of bread hours ago to a wild Kyle that also drank the last energy drink he brought.

“Seriously guys, I’m okay.” she states unconvincingly as she turns up the dial on the heated blanket. The other members of the party embark on a deep debate on just where the sleepyhead sourced the heated blanket, not noticing the rapidly increasing vacancy in the eyes of the now completely horizontal girl. Her eyes lock without conviction onto the muted TV as it displays advertisements that she internalizes as nothing but bright moving colors.

“Just… one minute…” she breathes to no one in particular as the rest of the party has long since left to a local 24 hour diner.


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