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I Tried Minimalism and Now I Need to Borrow Your Toothbrush

As an intern at The Glowt, I benefit from all the free swag we get (rejected crystals, misspelled “The Blowt” t-shirts). But living in a small studio apartment that costs triple my income with my boyfriend and my three cats doesn’t leave us a whole lot of room for storage.

Enter the Minimalist Movement. The goal is to reduce distractions in your life by getting rid of almost everything you have. I started by decluttering our kitchen drawers and medicine cabinet, but my editor said that was not enough. She said my home did not resemble an obscure Dutch artist’s home yet and therefore I needed to remove more.

I donated clothes that I had not worn in years to charity, but my editor pushed me to also get rid of everything except one short sleeve top and one pair of pants. She said it’s called a “Capsule Wardrobe” but I feel like a cartoon character now and I’m so cold.

My editor challenged me to clear out more. If my home was not clear, my brain would not be clear. I must get rid of it all.

I now live alone in my apartment with only a stool and a bed sheet. My cats and my boyfriend were dropped off at a local shelter and I couldn’t be happier.

Anyway, is it okay if I come over and use your Netflix account?


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