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Mansplaining: It’s Foolproof And Gets Things Done!

To Men: Time and time again, you’ll come across a woman who really needs your help. A damsel in distress, if you wanna get poetic about it. A woman pumping her own gas, a woman using gym equipment, a woman parallel parking, a woman complaining about menstrual cramps...they really need our help!

10 times out of 10 when a woman sets out to perform a task, she’s doing it wrong. What better way to get something done right than have a man do it? Now now, it is the 21st century and women will eventually need to do things on their own. Especially when there’s not a man around, or the woman is, ya know, unapproachable.

It’s our job as men to make sure a job gets done the correct way. The receptionist at work opening up a PDF? Peer over her shoulder and explain how to do it; she’ll be so thankful. Your girlfriend washing her car in the driveway? Go outside and let her know the right way to spray water on a vehicle. A woman in the tampon aisle at the drugstore? Let her know your opinion on the best brands, she’ll really appreciate it!

Now, go spread your infinite wisdom amongst the womenfolk, you big radiant cowboy!


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