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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Becoming a Ghost

I have long been an environmentalist because I like the hippie look. And in my studies I have found that humanity's carbon footprint has truly stomped the shit out of the Earth. That's why I have decided to become a ghost.

You see, ghosts don't have footprints. And so, they can't have carbon footprints, either.

Now, I know what you're thinking... "Hey, if you're a ghost, doesn't that mean you don't exist anymore?" I'm not sure about that, because I don't like to think very deeply about things, but I do know people are always on the hunt for them and I like to be stalked/adored.

If by becoming a ghost I get two of the footprints that are destroying the Earth off the planet then I have done my job as a hippie environmentalist Instagram Influencer. Just please tag @hothippiechickwhoisnowaghost if you decide to also take this crucial step to save our planet.

Footprints, no more!


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