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Remember: If You Didn't Master the Cello or Learn Calligraphy During Covid, You're a Huge Loser

In the New Normal, everyone seems to be staying home these days. Whether they are working remotely or have been laid off, no one is as busy as they once were. What should we do with all this extra time on our hands? I’ve interviewed some of TheGlowt staff to see how they’ve been spending their hours between working.

Kymberleigh, 22, is working on some new and interesting additions to her morning smoothies. “Who knew blueberries, kale, and a little bit of goat cheese wouldn’t be too terrible?” She plans on embracing her musical side by learning to play the French Horn. “It might get a little loud, but I’m sure my neighbors will be happy that I’m spending my time improving myself.”

Mistee,19, our intern, has decided to take a different approach to what she can do during the quarantine. “I had to move back in with my parents since the rest of the semester was cancelled, and I’ve really been working on ways to help them be better at how they think and see things, as well as helping my little sister, who’s 5, to become as woke as she possibly can. I know deep down they really appreciate every article and video I send to them and the long lectures I give pointing out how everything they do is wrong and oppressive. They are so lucky to have me around.”

And then there’s Theresa, 36. One of our senior journalists, we asked how she is spending her time at home. “I don’t know, just stuff around the house. I’m on a regular laundry schedule now, and I made some mixed berry muffins last week. I rewatched all of the Buffy shows and finished a couple books. It’s pretty chill.”

Don’t be like Theresa. If you don’t have any interesting new talents or hobbies, what will you even talk about when all this is over and we can go back out into society and talk to people? Honestly, if you don’t tell me you’ve learned Korean and built a new composting bin in your backyard, then what’s the point of talking to you?


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