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Why Therapy is So Beneficial When You Have Insurance and a Disposable Income

Six months ago, I was in a rough place.

My BFF and go-to brunch buddy Ashleigh got engaged and moved away to Alaska (like, WTF?). My boyfriend wanted to “close” our open relationship and be exclusive (who even does that anymore?). My job cut our 5% annual pay raises to 4.75% (they’re goddamn monsters). And oh, I guess my mom died, too.

I was beginning to feel lonely and depressed. Since Ashleigh left, I only have Tara, Bettina, Holleigh, Madison, Maddie, Bailey, and other Ashleigh to hang out with. I was only going out four times a week instead of my usual six. And my boyfriend Logan was just too much altogether...but he had a nice dick so I had to keep him around.

And I had to go to my mom’s funeral and read her favorite poem during the service and afterwards help my dad pack up all her belongings, which I guess was pretty hard, too.

I needed to vent. I needed to tell someone how I was feeling before I exploded with emotion, which is pretty gross and I don’t recommend anyone ever does that.

So one night at drinks with Bettina and Maddie, I decided to try venting. Bettina got up immediately and went to go get more drinks. Maddie smiled and grabbed my wrist and told me, “I love you so, so, so much, but I really don’t like listening to people’s problems. You should probably get a therapist.”

That was it! A therapist! I went home and started searching for therapists near me.

After a week of hardly shopping around at all, I found my therapist. She has a bunch of good reviews on the internet and was really expensive so I know she’s good. And luckily my insurance covers like 15% of the cost! For the rest of the cost, that trip to Cancun might have to wait until next month.

I should only need, like, two or three sessions until I’m cured. Then I can get back to being myself and stop weirding out my friends.


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