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Our Thoughts on Male Privilege Day

April 1 is Male Privilege Day, a day us Glowters hold in high esteem. We asked our employees how they felt about this special occasion.

"Down with the patriarchy? More like, nurture and coddle the patriarchy as if it were a newborn babe. If we don’t have men around to be superior to us in every way, then what would we do? Think for ourselves? Nerd!"

-Jeaudeigh, YouTuber

"Maybe you’re not ok with male privilege because you’re not pretty enough. Just put on some makeup, lose 40 pounds and put yourself out there. You’ll get a man to take care of you in no time."

-Baeli, Contributing Writer/Influencer

"Dude, I didn’t even finish high school and don’t really know how to read good, but Diedre gave me the chief editor job at the gloat. Male privilege rocks! Hey, you’re kinda hot. Give me your number so I can hit you up at 3am tonight."

-Tony, Diedre’s Nephew/Chief Editor of The Glowt

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